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Thu Feb 4, 2010 8:28 am
Dear Jinabo,
Thanx a great deal for your generosity. Your inexhaustible store of oral tales tickles my imagination. It is true they say that a dying old man in Africa is a library set on fire. You are blessed to be in the company and to enjoy the fondness of our venerable mother queen, Nafoin Kom Therese Mebenagha of Sho-kom. I would be grateful if you helped me out on this one. What transpired between the Koms and the Babungos (Ngus) or simply How did the Koms connect to the Babungos?
Your last tale, tells us that Na Gvi Acha or Fon Yibain`s Sister was killed in Babungo, Ngu, by the fon of Babungo. This story makes Ngu all the more intriguing because I have Ngu or Babunngo in two of my records already:
The first record comes from the Kom female Dance, Fimbang. There is this beautiful poetic song where Bo Fuli sends a message saying that he is fed up with wine from Ngu.
Bo Fuli tum Tùm , be na Muluh mi Ngu, lom mein si zhi.
The second record comes from a Laikom Song which details the circumstances surrounding the death of  the uncrowned fon Akoninengshia. The song questions what took him to Ngu where he faced a mysterious death and burial.
Koni a Ngu ti kali gha, shingsi bo, fang ki fang, Koni a Ngu wu kali gha?
Thanks in anticipation of your cooperation.

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