My personal favorite among Kom proverbs is one that Gil Schneider put on
his Kom note cards years ago -- Don't insult the crocodile until after
you've crossed the river -- but I have no translation for it and no idea
about its genesis or where he collected it. I asked George Mbeh about it
and he noted that he doesn't know the Kom word for crocodile. Any
thoughts from anyone? has anyone ever heard a Kom person say this? Best,
Eugenia Shanklin
Professor, Anthropology

Mo ngayn-a? Si ngayn.
Riddle: Afo kya jva to ki dyang? [What is the thing that can cross
the river when it overflows and the bridge is swept away? ]

- Musi mi ndo  nkun a tsi a tsi ( Don't wash your dirty linen in the public)
- If you are beaten by a green snake, be careful if you come across an earth worm.
- Not everyone came back from the trip.
- An overheated handle of a clay pot gets broken.
- As you make your bed, so shall you lie on it
Bih Marc

- A fowl does not forget where it lays its eggs.
- You can't beat your chest with one finger. You need them all.
- If you don't want to see evil, talk to your legs.
- Wise people use their tongues to count their teeth.

- Each person's neck carries his head.
- Who is it that finds favour and goes again to the soothsayer.
- Each and everyone's plate is put by the waiter.
Nora Atah 

- He who brings home ants infested faggots should not complain when he is visited by lizards
- A fly that does not take to advice follows the corpse to the grave
- It's the hand that goes into the bush that comes out with hooked grass.
- A child that seeks to know what killed his father will sure be killed in the same way.
- A hunter does not chase a lion for mere sport
- When a toad runs in the rain, then, there's something after it.
- A child that washes his hands (lean) is fit to eat with the king.
- Since men have learn to shoot without missing, the bird (......) has learn to fly without pearching.
- When a parent beats a child with the right hand, he pampers him with the left hand.
Vera M.A    

- One hand cannot tie a bundle
- What goes up must come down.
- Sweet taste does not remain in the mouth forever.
- Do not bite the hand that fed you.
- Old brooms are better than new ones (new brooms sweep well but old ones know all the corners).
- One's shoulders can never rise above one's head.
Nabi Kimbu


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