It's morning. Wake up.
I had a dream, in my dream I saw a united KOM people. The spirit walked me around and revealed to me the joy our forefather were living.  I saw the meaning of culture and the meaning of tradition. The spirit showed me how in heaven God is talking to us in our mother tongue and everyone according to his family, village, country and continent. God speaking in one language but everyone understanding in his own language without a translator. The spirit showed me people who never spoke their mother tongue could not understand what God was saying. The spirit told me the importance of our mother tongue and our culture. When I asked the spirit what to do, this is what the spirit told me.

 Go and make ambassadors of your nation, teach them to obey their culture and tradition because it is through our tradition that God shall judge us all. Tell them that there is nothing ward what God has created, never judge what he has created because what is from him is good, he gave us what is good and we make out of his good things what we like that is good for us. I was shown a boa track and our leaders who have felt to unit our people; it was a terrible scene to see. The last thing I can remember was the blessing of our Fon, he had a cup in his hand surrounded by 22 wives and the chindas, every KOM child far and near bowing before the FON receiving blessing, in the yard there was a manifestation going on, traditional dances of all sorts.

It was a long story and i will like to let you think about it. May be God want us to start a new way, a breakthrough of our tradition.

 Just let me know what you think. I will tell you the rest of the story.



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