By the Boyo Mountain - The Story of Prince Sama Ndi

By the Boyo Mountain,
Where the python trail disappeared
And there we settled.
A prosperous and warrior race
We repelled the Germans with such ferocity
In six months
They sued for peace.

From Kom has come
Legend upon legend
To wit:
Akoni, the merciless slave dealer,
Sama Ndi, the most intelligent Prince in West Africa
Augustine Ngom Jua, he made cold sweat run down Ahidjo's spine.
Catechist Timneng, he gave Foyn Ngam tough times, and instituted Catholicism in Kom.

But where are they today?

In Abraham's bossom.
Any similar offsprings?
Hardly none I can think of.
Diametrically opposed ones?
Yes. Real villains.
Can you name one?
Because I will go to jail if I do not offer an apology.

The future of Kom is at stake.
We produce more villains today than heroes.
We once published a story about Prince Sama Ndi in Boyo Vision.
The story was culled from the remainder of what we have as archives in Upstation in Bamenda.

The story was that once some Kom smugglers who were returning from East Cameroon -
a good number of them sat down to rest somewhere around Baligham.

They never sat quietly - no Kom man sits quietly.
Their noise attracted two customs officers who were out just for such people.
They came quietly and took the Kom smugglers by surprise.
A fight ensued and one of the customs officer gunned down one man.
As the other was about to shoot another person the gun was wrenched off his hand.
He was beaten to death and the other fled. Honest as these men were,
they trekked from Baligham to the Police Station in Bamenda and reported themselves.
They were detained and later transferred to Lagos for prosecution.
They were judged and sentenced to death by hanging.

While waiting for their expiry date,
Prince Sama who happened to have been working in Lagos at the time heard of it.
He hurried home to Kom and every taxable Kom male was taxed 3 shillings.
He gathered his money and went back to Lagos, hired a lawyer who took an appeal.
The people won the case because the lawyer argued that the men acted in self-defence.
They were liberated and had a triumphant entry into Kom. Thanks to Prince Sama Ndi.

I do not know whether this story can serve as an eyeopener to all of us.
The amount of money we spend on cases could build us skyscrapers in Kom.
When shall we become our brothers' keepers?

Nke'mbuo Valentine Yongnkumi Nabuin

By the Boyo Mountain
Written by Valentine Yongnkumi Nabuin Nke'mbuo

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