Laikom capital of the Kom state with government in the hands of IKUI clan, this site first settlelers were the Ando-Naliih clan people based today in Achain and Finge Fi-mbuih. This ndo-naliih people have their shrines in laikom namely the (ifo-i-ndo-nalih) cave and the ifem-i-ndo-nalih cemetery, no other clan member enters in any of this shrines up till date. The Ikui people tricked the ndo-naliih people out of laikom.


The Ndo Naliih people as first settlers of laikom were the authority holders of laikom, the Foyn being of ndo-naliih clan needed a gong and it was brought to him by a blacksmith from Bambui, he promised the blacksmith to come back for his money after seven days.
The foyn ikui  who was in the know of the arrangement between the Foyn ndo-nalih and the gong producer stool the gong there after. When the gong producer came back after seven days for his money the foyn ndo-naliih hadn’t the money to pay yet, so the gong producer requested having his gong back.
It is then that the foyn ndo-nalih noticed the gong was no were to be found after his keeping. A scuffle broke out between the two. The Ikui foyn stepped in and separated the two from the scuffle and there after listened to the story which he knew very well before. After listening to the story the ikui foyn opted to pay for thegong to the producer with the accord of the foyn ndo-naliih.
There after the foyn-ndo-naliih saw the foyn ikui using the gong, this gong was a symbol of authority. The foyn ndo-naliih feeling humiliated by the act of foyn ikui packed and left for Achain with his people.
After ascertaining the departure of foyn ndo-naliih foyn ikui sent people to look for where he has settled, when foyn ikui was quiet sure that foyn ndo-naliih has settled in a far distance place from laikom he ordered for the building of the foyn ndo-naliih palace in Achain, this was to console foyn ndo naliih. Achain palace was built by kom people.
The remnants of the ndo-naliih till date remains in laikom namely their cemetery (ifiim i-ndo-naliih) and the (ifo-i-ndo-nalih) cave, where as kwifoyn-kom cannot move out of laikom without visiting the ndo-naliih cemetery to place calm wood at the entrance and incantation that kwifoyn is about to move out of its site  no other clan person enters the ifo-i-ndo naliih. Only ndo-nalih clan persons enter the cave and come out safe and alive.

Info from a living archive borne about 1908

2012 NKFUM

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