KOM CULTURE – at the threshold of EXTINCTION?

Over centuries, our culture, tradition and native beliefs and values have been reputed by wide and sundry as a model culture in Cameroon at large and in the Grassfield of Cameroon. The history of the kom people still remains a mystery even to bi-kom people. The disappearance of the afo-akom to the white man's land and back proves how mysterious the relic and artifact may have been even to the bi-kom man. Our artifacts, jujus, and native dances remained a marvel to many.

How has the kom culture decline? Our fathers have overlooked our culture in order to gratify their stomachs. If this is not true I want you to proof me wrong. In the times of yore, one could not commemorate or kill a goat for the deceased mother except with a life goat or life fowl (chicken). In our time if one could not afford a fowl, he could give either FCFA 1000 for the fowl and they will deem the issue as haven been solved. I have seen where a man gives CFA 100f as a fowl for the mother or aunt who died in his absence. I want to ask; perhaps I am wrong if this is what our forefathers instituted. You had a fowl to show or kill for your mother or nothing. But is the change justified?

Let us come to the issue of bride price. Few people know of the kom revered marriage customs and traditions because any one comes up with what he want. Our fathers appear arguing each time an issue comes up. One old man says this is how it is done and another says that is how this is done. In the final analysis, those of us who visit kom once in a blue moon turn into confusion the more. In this write up, I think that we in this forum can educate ourselves on the institution of marriage in komland- how it is done what is expected of the mother of the girl or the family of the husband.

I invite you to attain a death commemoration, ndo-wi, etc and see and hear for yourself how our elders and fathers desecrate, defile and violate our cultures and traditions. Please if you find this idea interesting; make your contribution in this forum.


Posted on Yahoogroups AFOaKOM forum Wed, Feb 3, 2010 at 6:41 AM

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