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Hi Everyone,
Greetings to you all and we are happy to inform that BOYO ICT, the computer/internet courses for Teachers of Basic and Secondary Education, that started on the 18th July in Centers of Fundong, Njinikom and Fonfuka ended last week end. For several reasons we did not organize an end of course ceremony like that of last year.
A total of 182 trainees took part in this years session with 72 in level one, 40 in level 2 and 70 in level 3.One technical supervisor and eight facilitators took part in the courses, with one doubling as Academic supervisor.We think strongly the drop in the numbers is due to the levy of five thousand francs (5000FCFA) we charged this year, up from the three thousand franca of last year.

Belo did not feature this time around partly because someone else organized a similar computer course there>
We are glad to announce that this venture has today gone beyond Boyo
Special thanks are addressed to DR MUNTEH Louis D, the main sponsor of this project, WANAKU, and Br Awoh who rendered gratuitous service on the spot in Fundong.
We will bring details to a select few who have shown special interest so far.Your priceless advice is welcome.
Sincerely yours,
Chongwain Nkuo

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Subject: Re: [BOYO] Re: [AFOaKOM] Kodus to Njong kom Yamande
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Date: Thursday, 4 August, 2011, 21:52

Hi Canisius,

Greetings to you, to  every Komrade and to all who are interested in becoming members of njong Kom.

What it takes to be a member of Njong is first of all a big heart, one that is full of good will. In the past anyone who walkeds with 'adung' (spear) could become a member. Today, we think what it takes to be a member is first of all the will> Secondly, we have pledged to always inform forumites of the next meeting date and venue (generally every two months for njong Yamande. And we cannot fail to ceize this opportunity to say an additional word about njongsi kom. Indeed, on the 5th March 2011 thirty nine njongsi Kom met at uring the the palace in Laikom under the leadership of bo njon Kom, His Highness Foyn Yuh II. This marked the ocassion of the presentation of the reorganised njongsi Kom. The Commanders in chief were Mformei Djam and Mformei Nicho Nkfum. The latter is head of the njongsi Kom in the diaspora.

The session of njong Kom that held in Yaounde on the 30th July was special in that it was the maiden session of njon Kom Yamande following the initial stages during which the njong was intimated, and presented to the Kom community thanks to the efforts of Bo Nteh and Bo njong. This was a period of much learning and this continued into the maiden session. Interested persons are most welcome and assured that we agreed to continue this learning phase till end of 2011. Only after this period will be consider ourselves having learnt enough as to stop systematically inviting experienced njong experts from Kom to give us guidance. Then will we consider stabilizing the venue at 'abei a Kom'. 

The other specialty of this maiden session is the fact that without mincing words njong came out strong not only as a rallying force but as one geared towards attainment of strategic interests as expressed by D Awah.s call and prompt response, raising the sum of eight hundred thousand francs. Other than the Kom cultural center under construction, the issue of the university was equally discussed. Any person elite of Boyo is invited to be present in Fundong on the 19th and 20th of August during the ceremony marking the end of the second session of the ICT project. There is need to meet the SDO.

Thank you very much. 
Special thanks go to Bobe Ngeh Yuh and Raphael Tosam for hosting.

Bo njong Yamande Chongwain Nkuo

Greetings to you all and thanks for your support.

The second phase of the Boyo ICT project kicked off this morning July 18, 2011 at the different centres of Belo, Njinikom, Fundong. Information is awaited as concerns Fonfuka. In Fundong an attendance of 57 was registered, 8 in Njinikom  and the figures for Belo will be brought to you later.

A final preparatory meeting held in Fundong on Saturday July 16, 2011 had in attendance, all the center coordinators as well as the Technical and Academic coordinators. Mr Nke Valentine Pedagogic Advicer and Instructor was present.

Having noted the timid start as against last years', we immediately set up remedial measures, inviting the teachers not to stay away, even and above all those who were present last year because this time around there are courses delivered at three levels and additional arrangements will be made.

We seize this opportunity to wholeheartedly thank project benefactors: Dr Munteh Louis, WANAKU, Bobe Nkwain , Fundong Mayor, Boyo SDO. We are glad to announce that Mr Chuyum has promised to make available 15 computers and in the days ahead we will give you details.

Br Awoh, Mr Komtanghi Canisius and Dr Awah are awaited at the training sights to fulfil their promises of offering lectures. We thank them in advance.

Bobe Collins Chongwain


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