Someone has to recruit you .
The FOYN or some SENIOR NCHINDO nchindo who has graduated or has acquired some ranks within the institution can recruit.

The first step is the recruitment itself and the acknowledgement of the individual to join,

Secondly, he must provide the chicken of the "head hair patch" (we shave your head except a patch of hair that indicates your newly acquired status).

Thirdly, you pay the "small muyo" (muyo boll) and then muyo ghani(the big muyo)

After the above process, the individual has to wait for a number of years under the teaching authority of a SENIOR NCHINDO
whose responsibility is to teach you the customs and traditions of KOM, the rules and regulations of the KOM people.
The individual becomes a WAINDA NCHINDO under the tutelage of the Senior Nchindo.
(eg All the Nchisendo in Yaounde who have not yet graduated are under my teaching authority).
They shall only graduated when I declare them acknowledgeable in the laws and traditions of our land.

In the past, Nchisendo were recruited quite early in life and they spent almost TEN YEARS learning these traditions.
With formal education, most parents have refused to send their kids to the Kom College of Administration (Kwifoyn precinct or ABE YE).

It has been the standard behviour of the Foyn to recruit new Nchisendo when he visits places like Bamenda, Yaounde and Douala and other places,
but these recruits must physically go back to the palace (kwifoyn compound) to be initiated.


On Tue, Jul 28, 2009 at 3:56 AM, jinabo horatio <This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.> wrote:


NCHINDO is the kom soldier at first , or the people you were always on espionage missions for the dynasty (under the Kwifon).
And so they gather in abeh-yeh every Ituh-kedjem (babanki market day) .
Then they bring the things they have gathered from all the nine hills of kom. You can either be one if you did a brave thing in kom and you were entitle to that from laikom e.g when you kill a tiger or leopard during the kwifon's hunting (ibuiem-i-kwifon), buy it nowadays. or inherit a special one called Nchindo -abul from your uncle who had it.

Whereas NCHINTOH is the Fons Kinsman , he can live in the palace or comes and goes. He is there to take good care of the fon and give little advices esp. about the choice of things to do, and he says these things int the Fons ears , any komman can be , but in most cases its from the royal family. he is supposed to move around the palace bear footed because men don't wear shoes in the innermost court of the palace, Most of them are caught when they are quite young in their early teenage age and shaved their head living a triangle in the front head and anointed with camwood, from then they will always shave their hair in the same till infinity.
so they save the Fon.


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