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It is with a great sign of relief that I announce to this fora the enthronisation of the the new Bobe Aboh, Bo Foyn Kom last Friday the 22nd of November 2013 at Abe Aboh. He is 18 years old and an upper sixth Science student. He is Bobo Ndzi A. Ngwainbi.

Arrested some three weeks back, he jumped the gates of Laikom and escaped far off the Kom Kingdom. Since the funeral of his father who disappeared on September 30th 2013, the Aboh village remained in a mourning state and by the tradition, no woman went to the farms. A hunger epidemy was predicted until the "miyini mi Kom" led him back to Laikom on Sunday the 17th of November 2013.

Last Friday the Kwifoyn Kom led him from Laikom to the inner circle of the the Abe Aboh popularly know as "mbayn". The ritual ceremony took many turns, some discret and some public.

Friday morning, the new Bobo was "fixed up and dressed up" by Kwifoyn Kom and taken to the Fon of kom. The Fon then handed him to Kwifoyn to embark on the trip to Aboh.On arrival at Abeh Aboh, Kwifoyn took him straight to "Ndo Atu Weh" where the rites began. When they were done, he was changed into the regalia of his late dad, rubbed entirely with cam wood and led to his stool. The Aboh population, the kom population was invited to "Ndo Achim" where he "chuh" Na Foyn (the first wife of the compound), Yi Chianain (the first son) and the Kom community present. This continued for over two hours.

The Ram of Yindo from the Fon of Kom was presented to the population amongst numerous fowls and cooked fufu with five clabashes of rafia wine. There was fan fare, merry making and the peak of happiness came when a bull was presented to kwifoyn Kom from the Fon. The ceremony is ongoing and the new Bobo will be back to school in a few days but with a difficult task of coping with his mates without hand shakes and "never again to be seen with a bare head"!

The kom people in Yaounde can now celebrate with joy this Saturday 30th November, the life of Bobo Ndzi Michael Tohmukum and the crowning of Bobo Ndzi Aloysious Ngwainbi. Please, do not miss out, come and celebrate with us.


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