I am so excited to see how much has been done within such a short while.

"Thank You" KOMrades, dearly for this display of hard work.

Very often people talk and try to do things. I am very optimistic and I have experienced quite a lot of people who give their best but fail in every aspect. I have never doubted that KOMrades are capable of doing this. At one time I wrote in our open forum about how I believe KOMrades "would" follow their python and pretend they "would" enter Bobe Obama`s Land even without a "VISA". "Wul-a-tum" might be saying: "No! no, no way. you can`t come-in though!" But a KOMrades "would" pretend this land must change the name to "K.." so that he comes in just because his "stupid, foolish, etc" animal has come in! Don`t believe me? I would still say this again!

Now, I really go around to different places/countries/etc to teach, share in conferences. I see and learn quite a lot of new things and see some people with a different approach things (lately in Japan) but I have really never seen a people that possesses such motivations and will to work hard like us.

I must mention that I have not been able to really brouse my inbox and therefore I might be missing something by now. I am so moved, I cannot wait. I shall be coming back to add anything I have missed.

It is impressive to see how much we have turned "words" to "actions", dreamt and put to birth different projects, been challenged (the Itanghi-Kom at schools), etc :

a): FCP:

When we started, we wrote " ..., we must not give but let`s try and see". Today, we say we are making it good enough. When we started this, we said what we wanted (4x4 drive, diesel engine, etc) and today we see we could get close to what we want. when we started, we had no money but today we talk of completing the money and we have put over millions in play. When we started, I was trying to put an NGO to reach out for help because I doubted if we could raise any means in the shortest time to demonstrate that we could do this, today we donot yet have an NGO but we have almost reaching great geights! It is not begun yet! We still need and must have an NGO, we must have supporters from outside us to help us, etc. Bobe Nico postulated that the Itanghi-kom issue might have come from his LORDSHIP`S visit. Me, Bobe Munteh, I postulate that this might have come from our courageous demonstration of what it takes to induce a change in this magnitude to a KINGDOM like ours. I might be wrong but I really donot care who is right. Our future has a different story!

In other to really feel the intensity of work that YOU komrades must be doing (YOU, HRH Rep`s in Y`de, Bobe Sam Francis, YOU, Bobes Mbungson, Yongahabi, Njuakom, Chiano, Wanaku, Loh, Ngong, Yong, Fultang, Chongwain, Nawayn Tah, Kumichi, all of you - Your names are here even if you still cannot see this yet), I tried to update the FCP contribution list. I donot know how many times I have repeated some of your names (Bobes Fultang, Sam Francis, etc). I imagine how much has been done to this that money cannot buy - You Bobe Njuakom (for paying and carrying the car to Cameroon), You, Bobe Sam Francis for taking up the work of communicator when it becomes necessary, you, Nawayn Tah vitorine for taking the challenge and doing the extra, you all dear komrades for the concern! Words cannot come close. Please check the list in attachment (to be updated - well this is my quick version for now).

b) SSP (Bobe Sam Scholarship Project):

I call this a "man change the face of a kingdom". Bobe Sam Francis, you wrote "... only 41 candidates came and we therefore still need 19, ...". Sir, I read it thus: You taught more than 41 candidates could exist but only 41 are there. "ONLY" 41? Well that is a big number, I know. But, Sir you have lifted them and therefore there is "NONE" left. If we make sure they donot drop - WHAT a Relief! We all know what it takes and we join in Thanking you. Hope this project never dies.


c) KLP (Kom Lamguage Program):

We have you, Bobes Dr. Mbeh, Boh, Tosah, Chiatoh, all you dear Komrades with excellent know-how. Your turn is now and we are honoured to have you. It is a challenge we are facing, but we trust on you. We hope that you shall reach out with organised ways how we can face this.  Bobes Yonghabi/friends made us proud (BoyoRadio Project - at least I am in the distribution list and I understand that this group did worked successfully and we now have an estimation of what it takes!), etc. Someone shall have to take some time to organize and collect who is capable, willing, can be accessible, when, how etc. Give it a better name and get to work. The Kingdom counts on us!


d) BUP (Boyo University Project):

You can tell when a komrade talks whether he is in or he is out. I have read from a lot of Komrades and I can tell from the way they talk that the dream lives on. BOYO University! Bobe Wanaku, if the dream is only ONCE then you can forget it. IF it comes multiple (and I see this issue is always there) then we must give it a try! I hope that a comiision gets to work and keep us updated. We must not succeed. We just want to try. Let`s see (remember the same sentence in fcp!).


e) ICT (KomIT) cannot die


f) APEX (Kom Apex committee):

Well Komrades, what should I say? What can I say? Bobe Chongwain summerized it all. We have a better reason to believe that an APEX can/shall/could/will take us further in ways that we cannot neglect. We have some many names. We have so many ideas. Do we have the time? Do we have the determination to co-operate on this issue. Who is ready to do what, when, where, how long, starting where, etc???? We have a dream. A beautiful dream. We must go back to work and see how much of it can come true. I am trying to stirr and you shall get an update.



I am still getting lost and still believe that we should have some structure in things that we do. I know we are working hard to improve our webportal. Bobe Wanaku has filed an annex (Kom Magazine) and I see things are a bit better. I figure we could become more organized by sorting things right before they are published. I get more that 100 mails a day and I work my way through. Sometimes it takes more than a mouth for me to do this. So I really would appreciate if we put some important thnigs in their groups and assign someone as a leader for that that (e.g I can imagine that Bobe Dr. Mbeh would be better place to lead in the KLP whereas Bobes Nke did well in ICT) because they would easily understand and make decisions as to whether or not an issue belongs to the project or not.


Well, in my own struggle, I have managed to put a draft of what I am dreaming. I understand we could have different ways of dreaming the same dream. Here is a link to what I think about the projects organisation issue. You have yours. Let us know!  External link ( http://www.themuntehs.com/fcp ) (explore with caution! - broadband required!).


Well, Komrades, I understand this is not an easy thing to do. I undestand that you may be worried and overloaded with worries about this. Please take some time out for yourself and relax. Take it step by step. We are only trying to ... We have come a long way! Take a look back and you can agree with me. We are not hiding ourselves and someone out there is watching us - SURELY! We donot know when the door shall be opened but if we donot knock, they may never know we are outside.

Wishing you all a pleasant day.

Thank you.

May God bless


Louis Munteh




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